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Student Council

The pupils at Frank Wise School have a very active Student Council, the members of which are voted for on an annual basis. To find out who is representing the pupils and students and what they have been working on recently, download the files below.

Here are the thoughts of the students about their school.

“Frank Wise school is a brilliant brilliant school, for people with special needs. We have a nursery, juniors, seniors and if you are between 16 and 19 you can go to our Griffiths Centre.”

“We have a swimming pool that is very warm and we have lessons about swimming. Some people do their movement in the pool.”

“We love our residential trips because you get to do work while you are away and they are fun, we have been to Barcelona, Rome and lots of places in England.”

“There is a student council that help to make changes to what we want to change about the school and we all learn something new everyday, because the teachers know what we need to learn.

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