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Information and Resources

As a state maintained school we are required to publish specific information on our website as indicated by the DfE. To make it easier for you to access this information we have placed it all together in one place, as well as having it located elsewhere on the website in its relevant sections.

You can find links to the documents or downloadable files below.

The School day:
The school day at Frank Wise begins at 9:00 am and runs through until 3:30 pm, providing a total of 32.5 hours per week, unless you are not yet of statutory school age, in which case the day is split into two half day sessions.

These run from: 9:00 am until 12:00 pm or: 12:35 pm until 3:35 pm

Exam results:
We are required to show exam and assessment results for our pupils at the end of key stage 2 and the end of key stage 4. This information can be found here.  However, as we are a Special school we believe that you will get a more useful picture of our pupil achievements by reading our latest Ofsted report:  Frank Wise School OfSTED Inspection Report 2019

School Financial information:
Information regarding the school’s income and expenditure can be found by following the link below.

Website printout:
If any parent or carer wishes to have a printed version of information from the Frank Wise School website, they should contact Anita Bal at:
email / tel: 01295 263520

16 to 19 results:
Following a process of careful consultation with families and the evaluation of impact on pupil outcomes beyond the school, we took the decision to discontinue our use of commercial accreditation systems. This was on the basis that they are poorly understood and, as such, have limited currency in the wider world, risk distracting from a focus on the developmental requirements of the individual and were rarely considered by the pupils’ destinations. Instead, we work towards the pupils leaving in Year 14 with a personal portfolio of competency, aligned to their EHCP outcomes and supplemented with developmentally appropriate evidence of capability linked to their intended destinations, be that further education, employment or care settings.

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